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The Flock signs

There are 10 signs available for The Flock. Please feel free to download and use them as you see fit. Ideally, we’d love you to send us a photo of how they are used, as it helps us with our funding (we are a charity).

The first is a large PDF  ‘Welcome Back’ featuring all the birds. This can be printed commercially up to 1m wide using a commercial printer (CMYK, 300 dpi), or on  a large sheet of paper. Click here or on the image  below to download the 33Mb file as a ZIP.

Click to download


The following 9 images can be downloaded in one single compressed 34Mb file by clicking on this sentence (not the thumbnails below). Each one can be printed as A4 or A3 using a home printer. We found these useful when displaying groups of different birds, especially colourfully decorated birds, so viewers understood what they were seeing. We mount them on a piece of plywood or cardboard and set them next to the birds.

Remember, don’t click on these thumbnails! These just show what’s included in the ZIP file .