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Braided Rivers Seminar 2019

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Lincoln University 9.20am-5.00pm

Eventbrite - Braided Rivers Seminar 2017

“On the plains, virtually all we see above-ground today has been introduced in the last 200 years. Only the braided rivers still retain a reasonable component of their original indigenous ecosystems. The most obvious component of that is a range of bird species – the majority of which are threatened.”


Thanks to funding from Environment Canterbury, BRaid will once again be hosting a free full-day braided rivers’ seminar, where professionals, interested amateurs and volunteers in this sector come together to share their knowledge and the results of their work over the past 2 years. Presentations from previous years are available here: 2016 workshop and 2017 seminar.

A great deal more focus has been placed on braided rivers and their unique ecology since our previous seminar in 2017, so we anticipate strong interest this year.

While the event is free, we are a charitable trust so donations are always welcome!

Speaker Topic
Session 1
9.25am Nick Ledgard Welcome and introduction
9.30am Dr. Jan Wright Keynote address: Te Manahuna Aoraki: large-scale conservation project in the upper Mackenzie
10.00am Sonny Whitelaw BRaid partnerships project outcome and future
10.20am Dr. Murray Hicks Rising sea level impacts on braided river mouths
10.40am David Owen ECan leadership – BRAG/ Bridge projects – partnerships in delivery
11.00am Morning Tea
Session 2
11.30 am Nick Ledgard & Grant Davey Communities in action: Ashley River update
11.5o am Dr. Frances Schmechel Update of ECan supported projects: strategy, overview, key results
12.10 pm Dr. Jean Jack & Donna Field A management plan in action: the (upper and lower) Hakatere/Ashburton River Braided Riverbird Strategy and Implementation
12.30 pm Dr.Richard Maloney
Braided River projects: past, present and future
12.50pm Lunch
Session 3
2.00pm Dr. Tara Murray Invertebrate biodiversity and management on braided rivers
2.20pm Jemma Welch Update on the Lower Waitaki River
2.40pm Ailsa Howard
Banded dotterels Kaikoura: nesting exclosures & freedom camping
3.00pm Sonny Whitelaw What does climate change mean for braided rivers? The bad news and the good news.
3.20pm Dr. Frances Schmechel SBBG strategy and control
3.40pm Nick Ledgard Summary of the day’s presentations
3.50pm Afternoon Tea
Session 4
4.20pm- 5.00pm Brad Edwards, Nick Ledgard, & Grant Davey Will lead a discussion on the use of trail cameras specifically in braided rivers, and drones for GPS bird counts and weed mapping.
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