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  • Latest river bird observations

    Posted on December 10, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    The BRaid website now features some fantastic widgets from NatureWatchNZ. Each bird page  (and several plants and reptiles) on the site, for example, now displays the ‘latest sightings’ of that species, automatically updated when someone uploads their observations to NatureWatch.

    I’ve also added a dedicated braided river bird ‘summary’ page ( with the latest sightings of each braided river bird. Again, this automatically updates each time someone adds an observation to NatureWatchNZ

    This is a fantastic tool for community groups wanting to collect and compare data. Many thanks and much kudos to Jon Sullivan, Colin Muerk, Steve Pawson, Shane Orchard, and the other NatureWatchNZ trustees for all the work they have put in to making NatureWatch such and amazing (and completely free!) tool, and for the informative workshop at Travis Wetlands last weekend.


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