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  • Jet-boaters helping black-fronted terns on the lower Waitaki

    Posted on December 14, 2015 by in black-fronted terns, Breeding, community partnerships, Department of Conservation, Lower Waitaki

    With the help of NZ Jetboating, the Lower Waitaki black-fronted tern project started in October this year is progressing well.  The group are currently monitoring 3 black-fronted  colonies (70 nests) and predators on 15 islands.  Checking the site every 10-12 days, the group have seen 5 fledglings, one colony fail, and a colony partially fail due to predation. On the islands they’ve found the footprints of mustelids, possums, rats and mice, and have obtained camera footage of some of the predators.

    A huge shout out the guys from NZ Jetboating for their amazing help! This level of monitoring and research is made possible only because of the volunteer hours they contribute.

    TernWithChicks2_Waitaki_ASchlesselmann copy

    TernWithChick_Waitaki_ASchlesselmann copy


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