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Waiau Rivercare Group

Waiau Rivercare poster

Waiau Rivercare poster

Rivercare group formed in 2013 focused on the Waiau catchment near the town of Waiau, which has an excellent river bird population close to the town. The group are primarily involved in predator trapping, and have created some great signs courtesy of children from the local school.

The group are actively looking for new members, so please give them a call if you are interested in helping out with trapping.


Mission statement:

To nurture and maintain the braided river environment in the form of a section of the Waiau River, by monitoring, assisting and promoting the biodiversity of the braid river ecosystem and particularly the birds including a critically endangered and endanger species that use the river for breeding annually.

Goal 1: To monitor and assist the braided river birds and other native species to grow and multiply


1.1      To clear some of the braided river islands of invasive weed and create an area suitable for braided river bird nesting.

1.2       To monitor nesting sites chosen by the birds and facilitate trapping of mammalian predators

1.3       To maintain the traps until breeding has concluded

1.4       To regularly monitor and record numbers of birds found within the catchment

1.5       To monitor and record breeding activity and its outcomes

1.6       To establish other native species present within the catchment and work to improve the ecology of the area to suit their needs

Banded dotterel 'broken wing' pretence to deflect predators from chick

Banded dotterel ‘broken wing’ pretence to deflect predators from chick

Goal 2: To reverse the decline in health of the Waiau river ecosystems


2.1       Identify the catchment-wide three-dimensional values (including aquifers, springs and  organisms therein) of the Waiau River, the threats and the protection and enhancement opportunities in collaboration with other agencies.

2.1a    Prioritise sites for protection and advocate for appropriate mechanisms to be put in place as soon as possible in these sites.

2.1b     Advocate for catchment-wide rehabilitation of ecosystem processes and habitats.

2.2     Advocate for river flows and river management regimes that sustain the braided river ecosystems and habitats, especially for rare or endangered plants and animals.

2.3    Raise public awareness of braided rivers and their values:

2.3 a    Prepare and distribute information about the Waiau river on a regular basis.

2.3 b   Work with the “BRaid” to develop a signage strategy and advocate for its use by rivercare groups.

2.3 c    Advocate for and support school programmes centred on the Waiau River.

2.4   Advocate for regular monitoring of key indicators of braided river ecosystem health.

Banded dotterel chick, Waiau River © Linda Laing

Banded dotterel chick

Goal 3:  Provide effective leadership and advocacy, and encourage co-operation between all parties whose interests and activities involve the Waiau River.


3.1       Ensure the organisation has an effective communication system, holds regular meetings and promotes attendance at seminars and information sharing opportunities for members.

3.2       Identify and build strong positive relationships with the key stakeholders and river users.

3.3       Advocate for the preparation of integrated catchment management plans on Waiau River to protect its ecological integrity.

3.4       Prepare media articles and an information hand-out that clearly state the purpose and function of the Waiau rivercare group.

3.5       Attend training courses and workshops particularly for groups and volunteers.

Black fronted tern juveniles Waiau River - look closely!

Black fronted tern juveniles Waiau River – look closely!

Goal 4Facilitate a collegial approach to collecting, storing and sharing data and information on the Waiau River amongst all interested parties and organisations.


Promote the following:

4.1       Protocols for surveys and data collection for river surveys or ecosystem monitoring.

4.2      A bird survey regime which encompasses all braided rivers on a regular cycle.

4.3      Centralised metadata (i.e. information about existing databases).

4.4      Open and easy access to information e.g. publications, unpublished reports, images, data and maps.

4.5      Collaborative research and investigations.

Black fronted tern juveniles on the banks of the braided Waiau River © Linda Laing Waiau River Care, New Zealand

Black-fronted tern juveniles – closer

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