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Orari River Protection Group

The Orari River Protection Group (Incorporated) was established in 2003 by members of the community to provide long-term protection of the environmental, recreational and aesthetic values of the Orari River.  Our group meets regularly and carries out a range of activities along the river, including manual weed control in the gorge, predator trapping in the gorge and to protect nesting birds, regular bird surveys and water quality testing.  

Mission Statement 

Our purpose and objectives:

  • To protect the environmental and cultural integrity of the Orari River in its free-flowing state.
  • To retain the gorge in its free-flowing state.
  • To retain the integrity of the river hydrology.
  • To maintain public access to the Orari River as an educational and recreational resource.
  • To advocate for greater protection of the upper Orari River and catchment.
  • To recognise the potential for over-allocation and advocate for the implementation of the Orari River Integrated Catchment Management plan (developed with ECan in 2008).

Bird surveys



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