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Lower Waitaki River Management Society

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance, in a sustainable way, the Lower Waitaki River System

In June 2004, a meeting at Glenavy attended by over 100 people, resolved that a Management Strategy was needed for the Lower Waitaki River, from the Waitaki Dam to the sea. In a series of meetings the community identified the issues, listened to presentations from experts in a range of fields, and interested groups and individuals in the community who were invited to put forward their viewpoints, and wishes for the river. Legal status as an Incorporated Society was obtained in 2006. The Society is facilitated by Environment Canterbury and made up of a broad cross section of individuals and organisations with an interest in the Lower Waitaki River. 

The Society’s Management Committee formally represents the interests of irrigators, conservationists, recreationalists, anglers, adjacent landowners,
community representatives and coastal farmers.

Lower Waitaki Management SocietyGoals

    1. The Community and Statutory Authorities work together to prepare, monitor, update and implement a management strategy for the Lower Waitaki River which integrates the environmental, social, economic and cultural values of the community
    1. To protect and enhance the natural environment for the benefit of present and future generations
  1. To provide for safe recreation in balance with other river users

General scope of the Society

  • Fostering community involvement and relationships
  • Collating of scientific data
  • Maintaining the “wild river values”
  • Advocating for a variable flow regime to sustain river braids and associated values
  • Protecting and enhancing wildlife, native and exotic fish
  • Protecting wetlands and spring-fed tributaries
  • Maintaining surface and ground water quality
  • Promoting and publicising improved recreational access and facilities
  • Advocating for sustainable allocation of water

Waitaki River South Bank Canterbury Mudfish Project: Annual Report 2017


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