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DOC 150 and DOC 200 Traps for sale

Members of the Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group (ARRG) make DOC150, DOC 200, and DOC200 stainless steel traps, as a fundraising activity in support of river care work . Costs are GST exempt.

1. Standard DOC200 trap in a 400mm box – $70.00

2. Stainless Steel DOC200 trap in box – $90.00 (primarily used in coastal environments)

3. DOC150 trap in box – $60.00 (more suited to lifestyle owners who have a rat problem, as they are easier to set)

The group sell both single orders from lifestyle property owners and up to 50-100 units for the Department of Conservation and conservation organisations. No GST is involved as they are a small charity run by volunteers, not a commercial operation. They aim to supply to people in the Waimakariri District and surrounding areas. For all enquiries, including requests for traps outside this region, please contact Geoff Swailes:

Trap making ARRG June 2015

Trap making ARRG

To purchase a trap or order traps, please contact:

Geoff Swailes ph: 03 312 8073 or email

Nick Ledgard ph:  03 312 8799 or email