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Please help save the black-billed gull

Poster by Ashburton Borough School Greenies Group; one of several erected along the Ashburton River during the breeding season (August/September).

Numerous government and community organisations are involved in protecting and restoring braided rivers. Conservation activities related to specific plants and animals, including the control of pest species, are listed on individual river and ecology pages.

Many community-led conservation projects are operated through river and landcare conservation groups working with iwi, local and/or regional councils (in Canterbury this is Environment Canterbury or ECan), the Department of Conservation (DOC), often in conjunction with research programmes through universities and Crown Research Institutes such as Landcare Research, and environmental consultancy firms.

If you are interested in helping out with an existing river care or landcare group, or starting your own group, click here.

Ann Schlesselmann taking a blood sample from a black-fronted tern chick for DNA analysis

Ann Schlesselmann gently taking a blood sample from a black-fronted tern chick for DNA analysis. Research like this is crucial to developing conservation strategies. This kind of research needs permission from DOC under the Wildlife Act 1953 – see DOC for application forms.