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Tasman River

Part of the Upper Waitaki River catchment, the 25km Tasman River is an outflow of the Tasman, Murchison, Hooker and Mueller Glaciers in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. This video features the area on the Tasman River where black black stilt/kakī live, and where DOC is undergoing intensive predator management.

It is included here as a separate page because significant conservation activities are being undertaken in this conservation land, as part of Project River Recovery.

Important Bird Areas on Tasman River: links to 6-page PDF file that includes maps, habitat types, and threats relevant to this river. This document was extracted from Forest & Bird’s 177-page 20Mb file on all rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.

The Hooker Glacier feeds into the Tasman River from the west side of Aoraki Mt Cook

Water from the Hooker Glacier feeds into the Tasman River from the western side of Aoraki Mt Cook (centre background)

Conservation Projects

Tasman Glacier (foreground - the dark areas are covered in moraine) Aorkai Mt Cook (right), and Tasman river (Centre). Copyright Sonny Whietlaw

Tasman Glacier (foreground – darker areas are moraine over the ice) on the eastern side of Aoraki Mt Cook (right), and Tasman River (centre back)

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