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Representative Membership

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Representative membership for Government, Crown Research, and other entities and/or organisations involved in braided river management, including river care groups. Please also sign up to receive our newsletter (click to subscribe).

Recently introduced reporting standards for the Charities Commission require that we hold members’ address and phone numbers on file (even Representative members – please use your organisations’ address and phone number). We  do not keep your information on the Internet, never use it for any purpose, and do not share it with anyone.

  • $20 cheque sent to: BRaid Treasurer, c/- 22 Somerset Drive, Oxford RD1, 7495 Canterbury NZ.
  • $20 paid online to account number:   03 1351 0554552-02    ** Please insert your name/organisation in the reference line**
White-fronted tern on nest © Steve Attwood

White-fronted tern guarding nest, Waimakariri River