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Workshop 2014

conference2014In 2014, BRaid held a full day workshop,“Where to from here for our braided river birds?” at the Lincoln Events Centre near Christchurch. 

The workshop was presented in three major themes:

  1. Where are we now? Findings and current status on braided river birds.
  2. What work is underway? Current research, programmes and projects.
  3. What might improve outcomes? Riverbird management possibilities for the future Focus of efforts, gaps, research needs and opportunities

Attendees came together with the common goal of improving outcomes for our special braided riverbirds. The audience included a diverse mix of people whose responsibilities and interests were in river bed management: professionals, technical experts, agency staff, CWMS Zone Committee members, river users and community rivercare group members.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters of the 2014 Braided River workshop:



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