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About Us

New Zealand’s braided rivers are networks of ever-changing channels weaving between islands of gravels. They are home to many species of birds, fish, invertebrates and plants adapted to live in this challenging and dynamic environment. Rare native birds such as wrybill, black-billed gull and black-fronted tern are highly specialised for life here. They depend on braided rivers for their survival, but they are increasingly under threat. Some are on the verge of extinction. Soon they will vanish forever if the quality of their habit continues to decline.

Vision Statement

To promote protection, enhancement and awareness of braided river ecosystems by liasioning with and promoting co-operation between stakeholders, encouraging community groups, and facilitating the collection and storage of information.”


  1. Provide effective leadership and advocacy, and encourage co-operation between all parties whose interests and activities involve braided rivers
  2. Promote research and management to reverse the decline in health of braided river ecosystems
  3. Facilitate collection, storage and sharing of data and information on braided rivers amongst all interested parties and organisations

About BRaid Inc.

BRaid is an Incorporated Society with Charitable Status governed by a management committee. It was formed in 2006 by individuals from all across New Zealand’s South Island concerned about the declining state of our braided river species and ecosystems. Functioning as an umbrella group, BRaid works to protect, enhance and restore braided river ecosystems through co-operation and partnerships with iwi, individuals, schools, community groups, commercial and recreational stakeholders, and with government departments responsible for river management including local and regional councils, the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Land Information NZ. We liaise with and work in co-operation with Crown Research Institutes such as NIWA, and also Lincoln, Otago, and Canterbury Universities. We focus on the indigenous bird species that breed on the riverbed as these species are the most visible indicator of complex and dynamic ecosystems from the alps to the sea. Chairperson’s Annual Report 2017

What we do

John Dowding with the chief nemeses of braided river birds
Professional ornithologist John Dowding with the chief nemeses of braided river birds

Our people

Elected annually at our AGM, the management committee sets the direction for the group and oversees the work of the manager.

Chair: Nick Ledgard Email: Phone: 03 312 8799

Treasurer: Sue Mardon Email:

Manager: Sonny Whitelaw Email: Phone: 0226378931

Mailing Address: 22 Somerset Drive, Oxford RD1, 7495 Canterbury, NZ.

Our Supporters

BRaid thanks all those who contribute time, services and funding to BRaid’s work. Your photos and videos bring us up close to our special river birds. Your outreach, monitoring, research and business skills are invaluable. Your generous support makes our work possible.

Our Partners

Support BRaid

We welcome assistance to spread the word about our river birds and to monitor bird populations. If you know of groups that would welcome a presentation, are interested in contributing to a specific project, or providing in-kind sponsorship please contact us: or become a member of BRaid.We appreciate any level of donation, bequest or gift. BRaid is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration No. CC50089. Donations over $5 are eligible for a 33% tax rebate.Donations can be made by cheque to:BRaid191 Carrs Road, Loburn, RD2, 7472OrOnline bank transfer to account 03 1351 0554552 02 with your name and ‘Donation’ in the reference lineFor a receipt or assistance contact the treasurer.

Our Sponsors

BRaid gratefully acknowledges our sponsors. Your assistance makes BRaid’s work possible.