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Trapping workshop

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While the principal goal of this trapping workshop is to increase volunteer trapping around the Ashley estuary and wetlands, the format is designed to appeal to a wide range of people, from complete novices just wanting to understand a bit more about predators and trapping in general, to experienced trappers looking to improve outcomes in their area.

Broadly, the programme will be as follows:

  1. Overview of predators and trapping and the importance of monitoring trapping results (excellent for novices or those wanting to learn a bit more)
  2. Ashley Estuary: ecological overview, potential re-introduction of kaki-black stilt, and the need for more trapping (local focus, but useful information for anyone living near waterways)
  3. Trap types – demonstration and a discussion with tips and tricks for getting the most our of your trapping (suitable for everyone)
  4. How you can help – depending on initial feedback, we may split this into smaller groups led by local trappers
  5. Afternoon tea
Ashley estuary

Ashley estuary

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