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The Flock


Meet The Flock – find out all about the birds (links to pages on this site)

Resources to download:

Bird templates to cut out | The Flock signs (large resolution)  | Fact Sheets (what birds are found in which South Island rivers) Teachers’ resources

Every spring, migratory birds arrive in the South Island’s braided rivers to breed. Many are threatened or critically endangered, and yet surprisingly few people even know they exist. To draw attention to these unique birds, in 2016 BRaid invited Mainlanders to welcome the arrival of the birds in August and September by creating the ‘braided river wing’ of the #The Flock NZ.

The result was a huge success, with hundreds of people from toddlers to grandparents making brightly coloured birds that appeared in parks and reserves, outside of councils, restaurants, and libraries all over Canterbury from Kaikoura to Mt Cook. One wing appeared at Christchurch International Airport. Another made the Botanical Gardens home for several weeks. Still more spread their colourful wings around art galleries. Since then, the idea has taken flight, as it were, and now schools and  community groups are creating their own Flocks to celebrate the arrival of migratory birds to their area.

You can join in by creating your own Flock

making the flockYou can go to the Wild Eyes website and make The Flock as one of your missions…or keep reading!

Cut out members of The Flock using the templates. All you need is some old corflute (old real-estate signs are good – just ask your nearest agent).

Decorate them! This is where you can really show off your creative flair. Use paint, knit a jersey, glue shells or small tiles, add bling, create a mini work of art.

Display your Flock at school, libraries, parks etc. Don’t forget to ask permission from your council or the property owner! The more prominent the location, the better. Remember, the aim is to spread the word so that  people living nearby will welcome these amazing birds and take extra special care around them. (HINT: you can stick them in the ground using clean shish-kebab sticks).

Sponsor The Flock. Businesses! Have the Flock land in your premises! Braid is a charitable trust; contact and we’ll  promote your participation through the Braided Rivers Partnership Project.

Have a great idea about The Flock? Let us know and we’ll share it!

Download templates to cut out your members of The Flock:

thumbnailTemplates are very simple, with  measurements so you can scale up or down depending on your printer – like the image at left.


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