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The Flock


Meet The Flock – find out all about the birds (links to pages on this site)

Resources to download:

The Flyer | Bird templates to cut out | The Flock signs (large resolution signs that accompany The Flock)  | Fact Sheets (what birds are found in which South Island rivers) Teachers’ resources  | Where to take completed birds

Register your interest to join the fun (or access files in Dropbox):

Every spring, migratory birds arrive in the South Island’s braided rivers to breed. Unfortunately, due to predators, habitat loss, and sometimes people, many of these birds are threatened or critically endangered. And yet surprisingly few people even know they exist. To draw attention to these unique birds, BRaid is inviting Mainlanders to welcome their arrival in August/September by creating the ‘braided river wing’ of the #The Flock NZ.

We aim to have the wrybill members of The Flock ‘fly’ up to Miranda Shorebird in February 2017, where they will winter along with their North Island counterparts.

How you can join in…

making the flockSpread the word! Send a flyer to your friends and family, share on social media, invite them to cut out or decorate members of The Flock.

Donate raw materials: plywood – does not have to be large as some of the birds are barely 12-14cm long – and small timber offcuts as ‘legs’. Corflute is also good, for example old real estate ‘for sale’ signs, and with corflute you can use clean shish- kebab sticks as legs if the corflute is cut against the grain.

Cut out members of The Flock using the templates anyone handy with tools, tech students, Mens Sheds….If you can add a coat of primer to them as well, even better!

Decorate them! This is where you can really show off your creative flair. Use paint, knit a jersey, glue shells or small tiles, add bling, create a mini work of art.

Deliver your cut out birds or finished creations to one of these locations or contact If you let us know how you would like to be involved, we can connect you to suppliers, budding artists, schools etc.

Host The Flock: if you have an idea where The Flock can land in your area, let us know! You may wish to host your own Flock in your area, such as at schools, libraries, parks etc. Don’t forget to ask permission from your council or the property owner! The more prominent the location, the better. Remember, we want to promote the birds’ arrival so that people living nearby will welcome them and take extra special care around them.

Sponsor The Flock. Businesses! Have The Flock land in your premises! Braid is a charitable trust; contact to find out how you can get involved, and how we will promote your participation through the Braided Rivers Partnership Project.

The Flock will ‘land’ in different places across the South Island as the story of their journey unfolds:

  • Where did they come from?
  • Why are they here?
  • Why do they vanish suddenly?
  • Where will they appear next?
  • Why have some been damaged (injured) or stolen (killed)?

Have a great idea about The Flock? Let us know and we’ll share it!


Download templates to cut out your members of The Flock:

thumbnailTemplates are very simple, with  measurements so you can scale up or down depending on your printer – like the image at left.


Where you can deliver your members of The Flock: (list will be updated regularly – let us know if you can help! )


  • Sockburn: Department of Conservation 31 Nga Mahi Rd. Ph:03-341 9100

North Canterbury

  • Kaikōura: Environment Canterbury Office, 73 Beach Rd.
  • Rangiora: Department of Conservation 32 River Road. Ph:03-313 0820
  • Oxford: 22 Somerset Drive. Ph: 02-26378931 (also donated plywood and corflute: clean, nail-free materials only, please! Small children will be handling the materials)

Arthur’s Pass

  • National Park DOC Visitor Centre State Highway 73 (opposite the railway station). Ph: 03-3189211


  •   Department of Conservation 66 Bowen Drive, Mt Cook. Ph: 03-435 1819

Teachers: see the resource page

Register your interest to join the fun:

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