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Seminar 2017


Thursday 29 June 2017

Lincoln Events Centre (15 Meijer Dr. Lincoln)
8.30am – 5.30pm Thursday 29 June 2017

Call for presentations from braided river practitioners, stakeholders, and students.

“On the plains, virtually all we see above-ground today has been introduced in the last 200 years. Only the braided rivers still retain a reasonable component of their original indigenous ecosystems. The most obvious component of that is a range of bird species – the majority of which are threatened.”


This seminar carries on from historic workshops held at Environment Canterbury to update managers and researchers on black-fronted tern research and management, and a TAG (Technical Advisory Group) workshop with a wider focus on braided river birds. A subsequent workshop, hosted by the Ashley Rakahuri Rivercare Group, resulted in the creation of BRaid in 2006. The previous workshop was in 2016 (link to papers and speakers). The workshop format has evolved into a seminar, that is, an opportunity to share knowledge and learn from one another and also discuss issues. While presentations may include peer-reviewed research, the goal is to share practical knowledge (such as what works, what doesn’t) and to cross-fertilise related fields.

To this end, in addition to birds, we are especially interested in presentations on the following:

  • Aquatic macroinvertebrates/communities – correlations between abundance and type, stream hydrology, presence of weeds, river levels, possible correlation to bird breeding success, sampling techniques, engaging students/ the public etc.
  • Predator control – innovation as well as the fundamentals, such as tips for quick setting traps or making new traps smell less new and more appealing to predators. Share your experience!
  • Monitoring – what, how, when, where; new technologies etc
  • Weeds – ditto
  • Reptiles – ditto

Presentations so far…

Generally, we aim to keep each presentation to 15 minutes. I know that’s a lot (or too little) to ask, but the aim of the seminar is to introduce your work and the key points. We strongly encourage you to provide more detailed and/or supporting information plus your contact details, so that we can make it freely available on the website. Please see the 2016 presentations to give you an idea.

Because of the overwhelming interest in the 2016 workshop, we anticipate we may need to limit the number of presentations. if so, we will suggest a poster that you can speak to during lunch. We will also feature these posters on the website, along with links to relevant supporting materials/papers, to ensure all relevant material is easily accessible.

If you believe your colleagues and/or students may be interested in presenting, please encourage them to contact me.

Please email your topic and a brief biography to Sonny Whitelaw

(Please note: I will be away all of January, however if you send your outline as soon as possible, I can start putting a programme together the moment I return – Sonny)

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