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Latest river bird observations

naturewatch The latest river bird observations, including the time they were sighted and their geographic location, are automatically updated on this page through the NatureWatchNZ database. These observations are also included in each of the individual river bird pages on this website.

NOTE: New observations may take up to 15 minutes to appear. Spring and summer observations are more frequent, so there are fewer observations during cooler months except where birds are over-wintering.

Banded dotterel | Black-fronted tern | Black stilt/kakī | Caspian tern | Pied stilt | Red-billed gull | SIPO | White-fronted tern | Wrybill

Banded Dotterel

Black-fronted tern

Black silt/kaki

Caspian tern

Pied stilt

Red-billed gull

South Island pied oystercatcher

White-fronted tern



Like to add your recent sightings (photos, sound files, videos) or simply an observation? Join the rapidly growing number of New Zealanders adding their observations to NatureWatchNZ. It’s easy and free. You can also download the free app for you smart phone or mobile device and begin uploading in seconds.

Not sure what bird (or plant, animal, fungi, bone, faeces, tracks etc…) you’ve photographed? Upload it, check the ‘ID please’ box, and a taxonomist will identify your observation, generally in less than an hour. 

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