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  • NZ – the hotspot for a large scale global decline in seabirds

    Posted on December 16, 2015 by in climate change, migration, population trends, seabirds

    A paper published in PLOS ONE a few days ago indicates grim news for seabirds, and New Zealand waters are in the thick of it.fig42-copy

    Seabird population changes are good indicators of long-term and large-scale change in marine ecosystems, and important because of their many impacts on marine ecosystems. Monitoring approximately 19% of the global seabird population, the ¬†study found that the monitored portion of the global seabird population has¬†declined 69.7% between 1950 and 2010. “This declining trend may reflect the global seabird population trend, given the large and apparently representative sample. Furthermore, the largest declines were observed in families containing wide-ranging pelagic species, suggesting that pan-global populations may be more at risk than shorter-ranging coastal populations.” #seabirds

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