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  • Merry Christmas from BRaid – Newsletter #14

    Posted on December 20, 2015 by in Newsletters, Uncategorized

    Merry Christmas everyone!christmas

    Just a few sleeps before Santa arrives, and so the management committee of Braid would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing commitment to the protection and restoration of braided riverbird habitats.

    Some weeks ago, DOC undertook an aerial survey of black-billed gull colonies along Canterbury rivers. Only a handful were sighted. We would really appreciate a follow up report from the ground to determine if these colonies are still there, and their status. You may also know of colonies along other rivers and tributaries.

    Similarly, we would appreciate any information on black-fronted tern colonies: their approximate numbers, location (it can be descriptive, for example, between Bridge A and Bridge B on such and such River), and if any are banded.

    We would be very grateful if you could pass this request on to anyone you know including local farmers, recreational and commercial river users. Please see here for more information. Meanwhile, have a great Christmas.


    Sonny Whitelaw,

    BRaid Manager (

    Clarence River Rafting is the first to join up to the Braided River Partnerships Programme. A huge thank you to the guides and guests for their comprehensive report of river bird sightings along the length of the Clarence River.

    The NZ Jetboating  – is also well involved in helping out with braided river birds, with site visits every 10-12 days to monitor 3 black-fronted tern colonies in the lower Waitaki.

    Ashley Rakahuri Rivercare Group (ARRG) is contributing $5,000 towards the cost of a site assessment of Canterbury braided rivers to determine their possible suitability for re-introducing Kaki/black stilt. No information is up yet on the website, as this is a scoping project. Preliminary results should be available in July 2016. If you would like more information, please contact

    Students are key witnesses  – in the successful prosecution of a man shooting endangered black-billed gulls.

    Toxic rivers – green but not clean –  As Kiwis venture out this summer in search of rivers and lakes to swim in, the Greens are warning that already 16 lakes and rivers in Waikato, Hawke’s Bay and Canterbury are too toxic to swim, wade or boat in. Canterbury’s polluted rivers are Tengawai River at Pleasant Point, Selwyn River at Coes Ford, Waihi River at Winchester, Temuka River at Mause Bridge, Opihi River at Waipopo, and Pareora River.

    Dotterels nest on construction site –  The birds have built their nests among the intensive housing development at Hobsonville Point. It’s the perfect location, complete with dog-proof fences.


    BRaid’s next meeting: Friday 19 February 1.00pm at Ngai Mahi Road

    Braided River Conference : Tuesday 31 May 2015


    A few people are overdue. If you are not already a member of BRaid, you can join as a General, Casual, or Representative member. Membership is a modest $20/annum.

    Bits from Elsewhere

    Oddball you’ve probably seen the documentary series of the film, but if not, the BBC explains how a dog was enlisted to successfully protect a little blue penguin colony.

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