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Black-backed gull/karoro strategy

It's time for a discussion about managing the predatory black-backed gulls. Click here for meeting times an dates across Canterbury.

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Partnerships Project

BRaid is is working with commercial & recreational river users who, through their normal operations, can help reverse habitat decline and gain environmental accreditation.

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Our Braided Rivers

Discover our amazing natural heritage. Learn why rivers braid and what makes them such amazing places. Did you know that 59% of New Zealand's braided rivers are in Canterbury?

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Calendar of Events

Find out what's happening in your area - from conferences & community events to CWM Zone meetings. Tell us about your event so we can add it.

Braided Rivers are ecosystems of international importance, providing ecological links between the mountains and the sea, and habitat for a diversity of birds including several threatened species: the wrybill/ngutuparore, banded dotterel, black-fronted tern, black-billed gull, and black stilt/kaki."
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